We are free-falling

Everything is strange and changing

But it only frightens me when I take my eyes off you


How are you so small

And yet you’ve taken over my life


You’re the cause of all my pain right now

And also its most effective antidote


You’ve slowed me like nothing else has

And somehow you’ve sped up time slipping past me


I fought for you and waited for you

For twenty-five years

For forty-two weeks

For fifty-five hours

And you’re still a surprise to me, over and over


The moment I met you is stamped into my soul

I was never before taken so instantly 

From such intense, all-consuming work 

To such complete awe and delight


I was shaking

You had the darkest, brightest eyes

And the squirmiest little voice

“You’re a real person!” I said

And you were 

And you are


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