My Four Things, in case you don’t fully understand them, I explain here. The ‘Things’ will come and go, as my life changes. This is my About page, so don’t strain yourself looking for another. These things are how I introduce myself to you today.

The God Thing: I can’t summarize just yet. It’s too new, but also too old at the same time. I explain as best I can here, and I’ll keep explaining as I learn more. 

The Words Thing: I learned to love stories early in life. I didn’t have much chance, maybe; my parents are both readers. But I’ve always been grateful for that. I have been making up stories in my head for as long as I can remember, though I didn’t start writing them down until I was ten. And I’ve never really stopped. I write YA Christian Fantasy most of the time, sometimes I write poetry, and occasionally I write several pages of other things. I plan to publish a book eventually, and in the meantime I look forward to the day when I might find a writer-friend who loves words as I do.

The Wife Thing: This one seems fairly straightforward, really: I married a man. It’s the only one I paused about though, because I have many relationships and I’m not sure just mentioning one is enough. But this is the one that affects my daily life most, so there you go. It’s been over two years of marriage, his name is Carson, and he’s as wonderful as I suspected. Marrying him meant I moved about a thousand miles, from Colorado to Arkansas, and almost nothing in my life is quite the same. It’s a good different. It gives me more to think of and notice and do.

The Teaching Thing: This one I didn’t mean to happen and it’s over with now. I don’t remember ever wanting to be a teacher really, though I liked school and I love kids. But when they asked me to teach kindergarten, I couldn’t say no. And I fell in love- with my two little boys, with the work, with the whole school.

The Secretary Thing: When school dismissed for the summer I needed something to fill my days, and I became the new secretary at Hostetler Handyman. I love this job too. So far it has taught me that there are people I will learn to love no matter where I work and much more about construction that I ever knew before, which considering how much I did know isn’t actually all that impressive. But it’s a good job for me. I love tapping away at computers and filing things away neatly, and it brings me into contact with more strangers.

Of course, there’s more to my life, things that don’t fall inside these categories. But these are the things on which my days turn, and these are the things which I will most often write about.

So come join me, read my story, if these things interest you. Ask me questions, if they make you curious. Tell me so, if they give you a connection to me. Or walk out the door without a word, but keep your eyes open. You have a story, if you just look for it.