The stories I tell you here generally fall under five categories:

  • The God Chapters: This one is always new to me, but also old at the same time; I explain that as best I can here. And this one can be difficult for me because the idea of God has been twisted into something so small and ugly that I know that I’m setting myself up to be misunderstood every time I say the word. But this one is also too important to me to not mention, because this belief is the ground beneath my feet, the thing I choose to build everything else on – and it’s my highest, brightest star, the only thing I find worth following.
  • The Writing Chapters: I learned to adore stories early in life. I didn’t have much chance, maybe; my parents are both readers. But I’ve always been grateful for that. I have been making up stories in my head for as long as I can remember, though I didn’t start writing them down until I was ten. And I’ve never really stopped. I write YA Christian Fantasy most of the time, sometimes I write poetry, and occasionally I write several pages of other things. I plan to publish a book eventually, and in the meantime I look forward to the day when I might find a writer-friend who loves words as I do.
  • The People Chapters: There are people in my life. Aren’t you surprised? Being an introvert, I often am, rather, but I find them fascinating. I like to say that I don’t like people, but I am passionately fond of persons. Like flowers, I think they’re better appreciated one at a time. In these chapters I tell you stories about the different people in my life, ranging from the man I wake up with every day to the random stranger who I only met that one time but I will not forget them quickly.
  • The Philosophy Chapters: My brain wrestles with reality like that’s its job. I enjoy examining as many sides as possible of as many concepts as possible, and one of my greatest satisfactions is taking a chaotic jumble of thoughts and ideas and organizing them into a clear theory that is understandable and useful – knowing full well that tomorrow I may learn something new that destroys the whole thing and requires me to do it all over again.
  • The Adventure Chapters: Every so often, we’ll do something new and unexpectable and often slightly scary to me. And after it’s over, I’ll enjoy remembering it and I will share it with you in these chapters.

Of course, there’s more to my life, things that don’t fall inside these categories. But these are the things on which my days turn, and these are the things which I will most often write about.

So come join me, read my story, if these things interest you. Ask me questions, if they make you curious. Tell me so, if they give you a connection to me. Or walk out the door without a word, but keep your eyes open. You have a story, if you just look for it.